Springtime Festival

The Springtime Festival is a Belgian Music Festival in Halen and one of Belgium’s most anticipated social gatherings every year. Here, locals and tourists come together to party and join the fun with the best brews and seasonal ales, feast on great foods, meet new people, and enjoy each other’s company in a festive atmosphere.

The Springtime Festival is held in May of each year. To make your festival experience more memorable, we offer several exciting perks just for you!

We provide pre-erected tents with mattresses and sleeping bags. We have plenty of food stalls and convenient stores surrounding the venue. We have vending machines and a cozy cafe at the campsite. And of course, we have the largest bar station where beers are overflowing.

From dusk until dawn, we make sure you are having the time of your lives with friends, music, and booze. All our amenities can be enjoyed all throughout the day. We serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner from a wide variety of tasty food menus.

Everything you need is right within your fingertips. All we require from you is to stay out of your comfort zones and party harder! We make the extra mile to keep you safe and immensely satisfied with our festival perks.

Big Party Crowd

The Springtime Festival is getting bigger each year.  Our crowd is growing every year, and we are attracting more and more party ambassadors to join this festive event. We hire some of the best DJs and bands to create a wild, loose, and friendly atmosphere for everyone. And with beers and foods filling the venue, everyone is set on this happy, party vibes.

In addition to the music platform and a large outdoor dance hall, we also have carnival rides to your amusement. As a grand finale to a fun-filled day, we have fireworks display at night. Imagine watching those brightly colored picturesque painting the night sky as you celebrate togetherness with friends and some new beer buddies.

Amazing Festival Campsite Experience

Locals and travelers are looking forward to our festival campsite experience. We know how to throw a party and we make sure you get some wild, party nights you’ll never forget.

Aside from hosting a campsite with exciting features and amenities, we also have open bars, markets, and music booths. If you’re up for a little friendly competition, you can join our many drinking games, like the classic beer pong. You can also show us your grooves at our dancefloor where you can meet other like-minded partiers from different backgrounds and cultures.

Our party package already includes your sleeping quarters, sleeping bags, air mattresses, and meals. Our bad-ass festival crews are notable for being friendly and cool. They can guide you, show you around, and offer some assistance in case you need anything.

Ready to hang out with us?

Please feel free to book an exciting adventure with us. Meet new people, drink some booze, and party harder! Hurry as we only have limited party slots.

If you have inquiries, kindly call us directly. You can also reach us via email. We will get back to you shortly.